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Your one-stop source for resources, tools, courses and more to help community sports volunteers succeed and grow their clubs.

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What is Club Support?

The Club Support Program is a unique initiative designed with you, the dedicated volunteers at the heart of grassroots sports clubs, in mind. Imagine a resource hub, tailored just for your club, that’s been thoughtfully developed to support your club’s growth and success year after year.

This program, backed by councils, peak bodies, and government agencies, is your go-to source for everything needed to strengthen your club from the inside out. It’s a special blend of online training and resources, available at no cost to you, created to lighten your workload and enhance your club’s operations.

Whether you’re looking to use our carefully curated training materials or add your own into the mix, this program is all about providing you with the tools to not just sustain, but significantly grow and fortify your club.

We’re For Volunteers

As volunteers, you’re the backbone of your community’s sports clubs, and our Club Support Program is here to ensure that your club doesn’t just survive, but thrives. By partnering with local government organizations and peak sporting bodies, we’re able to offer you unparalleled access to essential resources, training, and ongoing support.

This initiative is a testament to our commitment to helping you navigate the challenges of club management, enabling your club and its volunteers to grow stronger and more vibrant with time. Together, we’re not just building successful sports clubs; we’re fostering a thriving sports community.

Are you a peak body or local government?

If you’re interested in learning about the program and how it can work for your clubs, you can find more here.

What's included in Club Support?

Access Over 600 Resources: From informational guides to templates and checklists, management to facilities and fundraising to events, we cover all bases.

50+ Training Webinars: Broaden your knowledge with our extensive online sessions.

E-Learning Courses: Position lead courses that will help volunteers transition from entry-level to expert. 


Grant Support Program: Tailored program to provide grants meeting your organisational needs.

State-Specific Grant Writing Support: Unlock funding opportunities with our expert-led webinars.

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