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Fundraising Support

Unlock New Avenues of Success with Our Club Fundraising Support

Funding is critical for sporting clubs and organisations. Without effective fundraising strategies, you may miss out on opportunities to engage your community and secure the financial resources your league or club needs to thrive.

At Sports Community, we can empower your league or club to access new fundraising opportunities. Our Fundraising Support service is designed to provide expert guidance and support for club fundraising tailored to the unique needs and goals of your organisation. We endeavor to implement fundraising plans that create long term growth and identify revenue raising opportunities within your organisation.

  • Our services include:
    Fundraising Strategy: We help you develop a customised fundraising strategy that aligns with your organisation’s short or long term goals and resonates with your community.
  • Fundraising Campaigns: Our experts assist in creating and executing fundraising campaigns that capture the attention and support of your target audience.
  • Community Engagement: We provide guidance on engaging your community, sponsors, and stakeholders in your fundraising efforts.

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How We Help

Our team are the sports fundraising experts. Whether you need a long term fundraising strategy, or a quick funds for a one off expense or opportunity, our team can plan, document and facilitate your fundraising future.

Our team utilises events, donations, relationship management and lobbying, council support and access to grants and funding to ensure your organisation or club is as financially successful as it can possibly be.

We can design, facilitate and/or deliver small and large scale fundraising events, whether they are sporting, sponsored or social in nature.

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