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Elevating Peak Bodies with Strategic Solutions

Uniting Comprehensive Sports Expertise Under One Roof 

Boost Your Clubs with Essential Resources

Belgravia Sports Community offers a treasure trove of resources and seasoned insights to help National and State Sporting Organizations (NSOs/SSOs) save time and streamline their operations. From specialised training to performance-enhancing strategies, our membership is the key to unlocking your organisation’s full potential.

Expert Knowledge: Saves time researching best practices.
Resource Allocation: Optimises use of available resources.
Operational Efficiency: Simplifies administrative processes.
Performance Enhancement: Delivers strategies for improved outcomes.

Comprehensive Support for Peak Body Excellence

Our services for peak bodies are designed to streamline the management of sporting clubs, ensuring optimal performance through strategic program delivery and professional consultancy. By offering comprehensive financial, accounting, and human resources support, we enable peak bodies to focus on what they do best—nurturing and growing their sports communities.

Club Support Package: Custom solutions for club empowerment.
Sports Program Delivery: Streamlined implementation of sports programs.
Sports Consultancy: Professional advice for sports development.
Financial and HR Services: Expert financial and personnel management.


Everything You Need


Online seminars covering  key areas for clubs.

Event Templates

Ready-to-use formats for organizing club events.

Financial Planning

Tools for budgeting and financial oversight in clubs.

Grant Guides

Step-by-step assistance for successful grant applications.

Volunteer Toolkit

Comprehensive resources for volunteer recruitment and retention.

Sponsorship Strategies

Educational resources for attracting and maintaining sponsors.

Fueling Community Sports with Passion and Purpose

At Belgravia Sports Community, our passion lies in partnering with sporting bodies to refine the volunteer journey. We’re dedicated to providing robust training and unwavering support, enhancing the roles of volunteers and magnifying their impact on local sports initiatives.


Our Customers

“I have worked with Steve and Sports Community for a number of years and have found them very accommodating, relaxed and knowledgeable. The workshops Sports Community has delivered have been at the perfect pitch for grassroots clubs, full of practical and easy to implement suggestions. Their online learning makes it even easier for clubs in country areas to access training and information. Totally recommend Sports Community.”

Melanie Cantwell

Executive Officer, Women’s Bowls NSW

“The whole team at Sports Community has been great to work with. One-hour webinars every couple weeks are perfect as they don’t take too much time out of your busy work schedule. Presenters of the webinars make potential complex issues quite simple and the recordings of the webinars are a great idea. “They have been helpful a few times when I have gone back and reviewed some of the content.”

John Davis

Sport & Club Development Co-Ordinator, Cycling New South Wales


How do I contact Sports Community if I need help?

Our team is always available to assist you! Contact us via email: or via phone 03 5974 0300

Can I share Sports Community's training with fellow volunteers?

You can share all our unrestricted content with fellow volunteers. For your fellow volunteers to gain full access, we recommend a Club Membership, which allows up to 10 people to register an account.

Are the training materials suited for all experience levels?

Yes! Whether it’s your first day on the committee, or you’ve been your club’s president for 10 years, theres always a new skill to learn!

How do I keep up with Sports Community's events and webinars?
What types of volunteer roles does Sports Community training cover?

We have training courses and resources to support all volunteers, including Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Coaches, Committee Members, Volunteers, Parents and more!