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Player, Official, and Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Support

Strengthen Your Sports Community with Expert Recruitment and Retention Support

The sports landscape and the challenges involved in recruiting and retaining players, officials and volunteers has changes immensely over the last 5 years, making it tougher for clubs to attract and retain people. Without proper recruitment and retention strategies, you may experience high turnover, lack of engagement, and difficulty in achieving your mission.

At Sports Community, our Recruitment and Retention Support service is designed to provide expert guidance and resources to attract and retain dedicated individuals. Our team will guide you in the best-practice strategies to create a culture of volunteering, and a broad community of people invested in your organisation.

Our services include:

  • Recruitment Strategies: We assist in creating recruitment plans and campaigns to attract players, officials, and volunteers.
  • Engagement Programs: Our experts provide resources for engaging and retaining individuals through events, recognition, and incentives.
  • Retention Initiatives: We help you build programs that foster loyalty and commitment within your sports community.

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Our Partners

Sports Community has worked with Olympic Sport, Paddle Australia to produce their National Volunteer Strategy.

How and Why?

Whether you are a National Sports Organisation with participants in every corner of the nation, or a local club in a small rural town, your organisation lives and dies with its COMMUNITY. Whether you partner with our team to create a recruitment and retention strategy, coordinate a marketing campaign or develop a floor to ceiling strategic plan, our goal is to build a community.

When organisations and clubs have a community of supporters, a culture of volunteering, and a strong connection, they thrive, and its our mission to get you there! Its what we do.,

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