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Sports Consulting Services

Sports Community is a total sports management solution, offering a comprehensive range of services that elevates and empowers sporting organisations.

Sports Community is part of the Belgravia Group, who operate more than 350 venues around Australia, with a workforce of more than 5,000 dedicated staff. Sports Community, with the support of the Belgravia Group, is now forming strategic partnerships with sports organisations, peak bodies and local councils to engage more Australians in sports.


The challenges facing sporting organisations often come from a shortage of time, resources, and finances. Inability to overcome these challenges can make operating your sports organisation far more difficult than it needs to be.

Sports Community provides expert guidance and support for sporting clubs and organisations to assist in identifying, navigating, and ultimately overcoming
the challenges preventing your organisation realising its potential.

 Our expertise and support will benefit your organisation in many key areas:

  Strategic Planning Services

Create a clear roadmap for your organisation’s future, tailored to your unique goals and challenges.

  Finance, HR and Payroll Administration

Streamline your administrative processes for a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

  Board Induction and Mentoring

Develop a well-prepared and confident board of directors to lead your organisation effectively.

  Rules and Constitution Review and Modernisation

Update and safeguard your club with a thorough review and modernisation of your clubs rules and constitution.

  Club Support Program

Empower affiliated clubs with a comprehensive library of online resources, including templates, webinars, and checklists, to ensure the best training and induction for club volunteers.

  Fundraising Support

Unlock new avenues of financial support through expert advice on fundraising strategies.

  Recruitment and Retention Support

Strengthen your sports community with expert Player, Official, and Volunteer recruitment and retention strategies

  Health and Safety Courses

Sports Community have partnered with Belgravia Academy to provide industry-leading courses crafted by experts with real-world industry experience.

  Coaches and Program Delivery

Elevate program success and community engagement with our network of trained coaches and professionals, managing the promotion, marketing, and delivery of sports programs.

  Governance and Organisational Structure

Build a well-structured organisation with clear governance and organisational structure.

  Fixturing Services

Take the stress out of fixtures and scheduling with our cost and time effective service.

  Sports Travel

Make your next sporting professional or personal sporting trip a breeze with Belgravia Travel Services.

  Grant Identification, Training Resources and Writing

Access valuable funding opportunities through expert guidance in identifying and securing grants.

  Sports Uniform and Merchandise

Sports Community have partnered with Belgravia Apparel to offer sporting organisations the best possible uniform and merchandising solution.

  Facility Planning

Optimise your sports facilities for enhanced athlete and fan experiences.

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