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Governance and Organisational Structure

Elevate Your Sports Organisation with Expert Governance, Strategic and Organisational Planning

Without a good understanding of their organisations governance and structure, boards, volunteers and management groups struggle to define and achieve a clear vision, structure, and direction.

At Sports Community, our Governance and Organisational Structure service is designed to provide expert guidance and planning. We will ensure your organisation operates efficiently, achieves its goals, has a clear governance, structure, effective policies, and a strategic plan that aligns with your organisation’s mission.

Our services include:

  • Resource Optimisation: By cataloging and assessing both staff and volunteer resources, our team can ensure that your organisations maximise the use of its resources.
  • Position Descriptions: Our team will provide your organisation with position descriptions and sub-committee terms of reference to clearly define the roles and accountabilities.
  • Professional Governance Documentation: We can provide Board Charters, Codes of Conduct and a variety of important governance documents and other training programs to ensure your organisation is set up for success.

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Whether your organisation is a grass-roots club, State or National Sporting organisation, peak body, regional organisation, league or volunteer body, our team has the skills, expertise and drive to help you build your successful governance and strategy.

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