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Facility Planning

Elevate Your Sports Facility with Expert Facility Planning

In the competitive world of sports, your facility plays a vital role in providing a top-tier experience for participants, athletes, fans, and stakeholders. Upgrading, building or developing facilities can be an exhausting and difficult process, particularly for inexperienced volunteers.

At Sports Community, we can walk you through every step of the facility development process; visualizing your clubs future, seeking funding, and getting your project ‘shovel ready’. Our team can provide you with a long term vision for your organisations facilities and its role in the community and a step by step strategy to ensure to make it possible.

Our services include:

  • Training and Support: Our team can train and educate your organisation to identify weaknesses and opportunities in your facilities, and understand the challenges, tasks and processes for achieving short and long term goals.
  • Facility Master Planning: What will your sporting precinct look like in 25 years? A long term facility master plan is vital for clubs and organisations wanting to grow and work in partnership with local councils. Our team uses research and internal knowledge to craft a practical strategy and keep your redevelopment plans on track.
  • Funding Support: By managing relationships with council and government, supporting grant applications and promoting fundraising goals, our team will ensure your projects have the funding required.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your existing space or embark on a new sports facility project, we’re here to support your facility planning needs.

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Key Stakeholders in a Facility Redevelopment Project

Council: Often owners of the land or buildings your organisation or club operates from, councils are a key to any redevelopment. Even for those who own their facilities, councils hold the key to permits and funding.

Government: Along with councils, different levels of government are paramount in the acquisition of funding and the rules and regulations of facility construction.

Peak Body: Peak Bodies can provide funding, but will often have terms and conditions surrounding the dimensions and specifications of your facilities.

Community: How will your facilities benefit the area or region, not just as a sporting venue, but as a multi-purpose facility the entire community can use?

Members: Everything we do is for the members, players, participants, volunteers and supporters of our club or organisation. It is our members who will ultimately benefit from facility redevelopment and it’s important to have their support throughout the entire process.

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