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    Our Solutions

    Whether a volunteer, club, peak body or local government group, we have a range of tools and resources designed to solve your problems, all the while enhancing the strength of your clubs, engaging your volunteers and building sustainable and vibrant futures for our sports communities.

    Who We Help

    Supporting the Heart of Sport

    We elevate volunteers by equipping them with essential tools and knowledge, enhancing their contribution to the sports community.

    • Comprehensive Training:  In-depth guides and resources to enhance volunteer skills in sports admin, event planning and other key areas.
    • Resource Library:  Access to a vast collection of templates, checklists & best practices, tailored to simplify volunteer tasks & improve club operations..
    • Webinars:  Regular scheduled webinars cover a wide range of topics, from fundraising to communication.

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    Elevate Your Club

    Our programs are designed to empower community clubs, enhancing their operations and volunteer experiences.

    • Skill and Experience Growth: Elevate overall club expertise in management and operations.
    • Improved Volunteer Retention: Foster a supportive environment that encourages long-term involvement.
    • Enhanced Key Skills: Sharpen essential skills across the club for better operations.

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    Strengthening our Sports

    Through our Club Support program, we help peak bodies to scale up club improvements through extensive educational content.

    • Broad Educational Content: Equip clubs with diverse training materials.
    • Webinars for Skill Enhancement: Host webinars to boost volunteer expertise.
    • Resource Accessibility: Ensure clubs have easy access to resources.
    • Scale-Up Efficiency: Enhance club improvements efficiently across the board.

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    Empowering Community Sports

    Through Club Support, we equip local councils with expert support to optimize their limited resources and strengthen community clubs.

    • Expert Support: Provide councils with specialized guidance for club development.
    • Club Strengthening: Enhance club capabilities and community engagement.
    • Resource Optimization: Maximize efficiency with targeted resources and tools.

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    Your Sport,
    Our Expert Solutions

    Sports Community turns challenges into victories, ensuring your organisation’s journey is both successful and rewarding with expert support and actionable solutions.

    • Struggling with direction? Our Strategic Planning Services provide the roadmap to clarity and success.
    • Uncertain about funding? Our Grant Identification and Writing Services can help unravel the complexities, turning possibilities into realities.
    • Need a financial boost? Our Fundraising Support Services injects creativity and efficiency into your campaigns.
    • Chaos in club management? We can help bring order and effectiveness with Governance and Organisational Structure Support.

    Ready to transform your club? Let’s chat about the future.

    Ready to Transform Your Club?

    Let’s chat about the future.
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    Success Stories from Our Family

    Aside from sharing their own extensive knowledge, Sports Community’s webinar series are a fantastic way to engage with others in the industry and hear case studies of what has worked in other councils and sporting organisations. I have taken at least one new idea out of each session and there is always a great balance of practical tips that you can utilise straight away, and thought-provoking concepts that lead to new thinking.

    Emma Gallagher

    Women's Club Development Co-Ordinator, Cricket Victoria

    I have really enjoyed the Sports Community webinars and found them valuable and informative. It has captured some real challenges that are faced by the sporting community with some simple yet effective skills to pass onto our clubs.

    Therrie Silvello

    Recreation Officer, Penrith City Council

    We are very grateful to Sports Community for their help in our Strategic Planning Process. They were able to assist us from the beginning and made sure all of the important groups were represented. They led a positive and effective meeting that resulted in very strong goals for our club. The stakeholders of our club have also reacted positively to our direction thanks to the additional communication. We are excited to continue to work together to see our objectives are achieved.

    Allison Dillion

    Secretary, Mornington Football Netball Club

    Sports Community have done a fantastic job in facilitating cricket programs on behalf of Cricket Victoria over the summer season of 2022/23. The staff were easy to work with and provided exceptional customer service to our participants and their families. Cricket Victoria would highly recommend working with Sports Community and their pool of coaches to deliver programs for your sport.

    Owen Hulett

    Head of Participation, Cricket Victoria