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About Us

Empowering Clubs Nationwide

From our humble beginnings in Mornington, Victoria, Sports Community has emerged as a beacon for clubs and volunteers across Australia, from the busy streets of inner city Sydney to the deserts of Alice Springs. Our dedicated team offers a blend of in-person and online training, alongside consulting services tailored for clubs, peak sporting bodies and local councils, ensuring that no matter your location, we’re here to assist.

Our services are designed to equip clubs with the knowledge and tools for success. Through a comprehensive online platform, we provide:

      • Practical how-to articles and social media guides.
      • Essential checklists, templates, and worksheets.
      • Resource sharing via social media and digital newsletters.
      • Dynamic digital training programs, including videos, eBooks, and webinars.
      • Interactive classroom training sessions.
      • Specialised consulting services.


Australia Wide: 500+ training sessions and counting!

Our Sporting Vision

At Sports Community, our mission is to nurture thriving communities through the support of local sports clubs, offering volunteers the comprehensive knowledge and skills for success. Believing in the pivotal role of sports in community cohesion, we’re dedicated to guiding clubs across Australia towards their goals.

From grant application assistance to event planning insights, our aim is to ensure clubs not only sustain but flourish, underpinned by our belief in the unifying power of sports to foster strong, resilient communities.

Sports Community's Evolution: A Timeline

The Early Years (1991)

The journey began with Steve Pallas’s experience as a cricket club secretary, highlighting the need for resources to assist sports club volunteers.

Transition to Support (2007)

Steve’s CEO role in a football netball league underscored the ongoing challenges faced by volunteers.

Foundation of Sports Community (2012)

Recognising the persistent need for support, Sports Community was officially founded to provide extensive resources and training.

Expansion and Recognition (2013-2014)

Moving to an official office and gaining initial clients marked the beginning of widespread recognition, further propelled by the launch of a radio show and podcast, reaching over 250,000 downloads.

Innovative Training Solutions (2015-2016)

The introduction of webinars and the development of Club Spot, an extensive online resource platform, demonstrated Sports Community’s commitment to accessible and scalable volunteer support.

A New Digital Frontier (2017)

A completely redesigned website, transforms five years of insights into a dynamic, user-friendly platform introducing wealth of free resources alongside exclusive members-only content.


Expanding the Knowledge Base (2018)

Building on the momentum of the new website, 2018 saw the enrichment of Sports Community’s content library. The focus was on broadening the range of topics covered, ensuring that volunteers and clubs had access to the latest in sports management and development strategies.

Joining Forces with Belgravia Group (2020)

A landmark year, 2020 marked Sports Community’s integration into the Belgravia Group. This strategic move amplified resources and reach, enhancing the capacity to deliver comprehensive consulting, training, and sports service delivery across Australia.

A Year of Growth and Expansion (2023)

Sports Community hit a major milestone in 2023, scaling up its team to address the growing demand for sports delivery and club support. This expansion led to a move to new offices in Mornington, ensuring our team has the space to innovate and continue providing exceptional support to the sports community nationwide.

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