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Rules and Constitution Review and Modernisation

Safeguard Your Club’s Future with Sports Community’s Club Rules and Constitution Review and Modernisation

Governance and organisational constitutions are important for clubs, associations and peak bodies, but they’re often outdated. Staff and volunteers can struggle to update a constitution or organisation rules, as the legal requirements are difficult to understand, and change regularly.

Having outdated rules or constitutions leads to a reactive approach to issues that can seriously impact an organisations viability.

At Sports Community, we take a proactive mindset to prevent conflicts and fortify your club’s future. Our Club Rules and Constitution Review and Modernisation service go beyond compliance; it’s about safeguarding your organisation from potential pitfalls by addressing legal requirements before issues arise.

Our service features:

  • Organisational Review: We conduct a thorough assessment of the needs of your organisation, understanding the challenges you may face in the future.
  • Document Writing: Our team can personally update or replace outdated documentation including rules, structures and constitutions to ensure your organisation is one step ahead.
  • Legal Compliance Assurance: We guarantee that your governing documents meet the latest legal requirements, reducing the risk of legal complications.

Sports Community is your partner in safeguarding the future of your sports club. Our Club Rules and Constitution Review and Modernisation service is designed to update your organisation, and negate issues or conflicts before they arise.

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Why is this so important?

Many sports organisations leave rules and constitutions untouched until after an issue, incident or conflict. This could be anything, from serious injury, to financial mismanagement.

At this point, it’s already too late.

Organisations that act early can safeguard themselves and insure the future of their organisation and its members.

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