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Sports Community Club Support Program

Reduce your workload, boost volunteer experience and numbers, and improve your clubs with tailored training, information, and support at an affordable price.


  • Reduce Workload: The Club Support package can help reduce the workload of councils, peak bodies, and government organizations by providing a cost-effective and user-friendly service that delivers simple and effective education and support to sporting clubs.
  • Build Volunteer Confidence & Capacity: The Club Spot Hub in the Club Support program can provide complete training and support to grassroots sports clubs, helping volunteers of all experience levels build their confidence and capacity for the club’s future.
  • Increase Club Workforce: The Club Support package can help increase the workforce of local grassroots sports clubs by providing guidance and training to volunteers, especially those just starting their involvement.
  • Make Life Easier: By helping increase volunteer experience, knowledge, and workforce size, the Club Support program can make roles more enjoyable for volunteers and running a club easier for those who give their time.


  • State-Specific Grant Writing Support: Our Grant Writing Webinars provide tailored guidance for sporting clubs on how to successfully apply for grants in your specific state or region. By attending our webinars, volunteers can gain valuable knowledge and skills in grant writing, which can enhance their experience and make them more confident in seeking and securing funding for their club’s activities.
  • Unlimited Access to more than 600 pages of volunteer resources: Our comprehensive library includes over 600 pages of templates and checklists that cover all aspects of running a sports club. Volunteers can access these resources to gain a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and develop their skills in various areas. This can enhance their volunteer experience and make their tasks easier to manage.
  • Access to over 50 volunteer training webinars: We offer 50 free online webinars, covering all aspects of running a successful sports club. Our webinars provide valuable education and training to volunteers, helping them to become better equipped to fulfill their roles effectively. This can enhance their volunteer experience, as they gain new skills and knowledge, and feel more confident and capable in their tasks.a
“… those who attended really benefited from the sessions and have taken that next step in creating a strategic plan which will greatly assist them into the future as well as open up a number of opportunities for them. I have also spoken to a few of the clubs since who really praised your website, stating it was a great platform to have access too.”
Participation Officer
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And over 10,000 clubs, peak sporting bodies, councils and individuals.



Better than anyone, we know not only how important volunteer’s are to our sporting community but how time-consuming, and flat out hard it can be to recruit, train and retain them for any club, let alone for all the club’s in your community.

That’s why we’re here to help.

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