Strategic planning workshops

At Sports Community we offer support in all areas of strategic planning. For those clubs and associations that are looking to create goals and objectives and plan how to deliver these, we offer a four step process. Clubs and associations may like to seek support for one of the following four steps or all four depending on their needs.
Step 1.
Meeting Preparation

The first step in the strategic planning process is to organise and prepare the planning meeting. We work with clubs and associations to organise and prepare for the meeting in which club or association goals and objectives will be discussed. This includes ensuring the right people attend the meeting and that all clubs stakeholder groups are represented. The preparation also involves collating relevant club or association information (including past reports, financials, AGM notes etc) and sending these to participants prior to the meeting for review and consideration.
Step 2.
Facilitation of the Planning Meeting

Sports Community supports clubs and associations to determine their club goals and objectives through the facilitation of the planning meeting. Historically these meetings can be long, passionate and at times heated but by having one of our experienced facilitators leading these discussions, goals and objectives become clear as well as understood and supported by the group.
Step 3.
Creating and Finalising the Goals and Objectives

After the initial planning meeting there are a number of processes that need to be put in place to confirm and solidify the objectives, as well as ensure the acceptance of these objectives by all stakeholders including the general membership base. Sports Community works with the committee to ensure all necessary communication plans are in place and are actioned.
Step 4.
Creating Implementation Plans

Once the high level objectives and goals have been finalised Sports Community then works with clubs or associations to create implementation plans and strategies to help ensure objectives are achieved. This is one of the most common steps missing between clubs having goals and achieving them.

Mornington Football Club

A great example of Sports Community’s work in this area is our relationship with the Mornington Football Club.

Sports Community has supported the Mornington Football Club through the entire four step process with great results. We have worked with the club through the workshop preparation and facilitated the planning meeting. From here Sports Community assisted in the consolidation of the objectives and played a large role in creating the implementation plans. We are continuing to work with the club to ensure these objectives are achieved.
“We are very grateful to Sports Community for their help in our Strategic Planning Process. They were able to assist us from the beginning and made sure all of the important groups were represented. They led a positive and effective meeting which resulted in very strong goals for our club. The stakeholders of our club have also reacted positively to our direction thanks to the additional communication. We are excited to continue to work together to see our objectives are achieved.”

– Allison, Secretary
Mornington Football Netball Club

We can help clubs and associations at any stage of this process. For example, some clubs and associations may find they have strong goals and objectives but struggle to implement their plans to achieve these. Clubs and associations in this situation may only need support during Step 4.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help support your club and associations.

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