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14 Feb 2024

At Sports Community we offer Consulting Services that assist councils, governments and peak sporting bodies to support their clubs, associations and staff in a sustainable and effective way.

Our Consulting Services can offer support in two main areas:

  • Expert advice for policy and strategy development
  • Resources to assist and facilitate the successful implementation of outcomes

Expert Advice for Policy and Strategy Development

If you have the resources but aren’t sure of the most effective and impactful way to support your clubs, associations and staff, Sports Community can provide you with the answer.
Sports Community Consultants are experts in empowering community sport clubs and their volunteers in all areas of grassroots sport.

These resources are not limited to, but include:

• Strategic Planning • Policy Development • Objective and Goal Setting •
• Implementation Planning • Community Consultation • Social Media • Communication •
• Coaching • Club Governance • Grants and Fundraising • Club Leadership •
• Volunteer Training • Event Management • Formalising club structure/committee •

Sports Community Consulting Services can provide advice and strategies that offer the most effective way to help you meet your club’s objectives. We can also develop the content and materials needed as well as plan, design, project manage or co-ordinate the entire journey from conception to delivery.

Resources for Implementation

Not only can Sports Community Consulting Services offer expert advice and develop strategies, we can also provide the resources to follow through with delivery.

Our experienced staff can assist you through each step of the implementation process. This includes development, communication and all other tasks necessary for delivery.

Many councils, government and peak sporting bodies approach Sports Community with tasks that they simply don’t have the staffing resources to complete.


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Chief Executive Officer
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Community Partnership Manager
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