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Club Spot Training and Resource Hub

14 Feb 2024

Club Spot is Revolutionising the way we Support Clubs

Club Spot Online Training and Resource Hub is a support system licensed by councils, peak bodies and government agencies and then provided to your grassroots sports clubs as a customised free resource designed specifically to help them grow, strengthen and succeed year on year.

The training and support resources will help to ease the workload for councils, peak bodies and governments by delivering training and support for constituent clubs in a cost-effective, accessible way. You can use the training resources we provide as well as adding your own, which will help grow and strengthen clubs.


Empowering committee members

Online Video Courses

  • Understanding the culture and characteristics of successful clubs
  • Attracting and retaining volunteers and players
  • Unleashing the power of goal setting
  • Member safety and protection
  • Fundraising tips and secrets
  • Successful sponsorship strategies



  • Hundreds of Podcasts
  • Guest speakers
  • Case studies
  • Club success stories
  • Advice from Councils
  • Innovations in sport


Checklists and Templates

  • Position descriptions
  • How to checklists
  • Goal setting
  • Audit & risk management checklists
  • Strategic planning checklists
  • Various worksheets


Sponsorship Ideas

  • Sponsorship do’s and don’ts
  • Creating value for sponsors
  • Approaching and retaining sponsors
  • Creating successful sponsorship proposals
  • Relationship development with sponsors
  • Engaging with your audience, tips and advice


Access all Resources

  • All open grants across the nation
  • eBooks and video training courses
  • Legal information, risk management, meeting information
  • Marketing and Social media management
  • Grounds and facility management tips
  • Over 1000 pages of content relevant to volunteers


Fundraising tips

  • The secrets to fundraising
  • Writing and lodging successful grant applications
  • Events info and ideas
  • Templates and position descriptions
  • Raising funds for major capital projects
  • Website and communication strategies for revenue


Queensland Rugby league – Club Spot in action

Queensland Rugby League Central Division came to Sports Community with a vision of providing a comprehensive list of resources for the volunteers of their affiliate clubs. Resources that include video, audio, spreadsheet and document formats.

We combined our Club Spot training resources of 24 online training videos with QRL’s training resources and together we built a library of over 60 resources that are now available to the volunteers of QRL Central Division affiliate clubs.