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14 Feb 2024

Many sports clubs sell alcohol, either as part of their fundraising strategy or simply as part of the social fabric of the club.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) is responsible for administering the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 in South Australia.

The purpose of the Act is to regulate and control the sale, supply and consumption of liquor for the benefit of related industries and the South Australian public.

Once your club has its liquor licence it is vitally important that you comply with the conditions of the licence at all times.

The CBS have a comprehensive website that provides all the information clubs need to know about their obligations when serving alcohol in South Australia.

The CBS website can be accessed here

Things to consider before applying – sporting and community club

Some of the issues that may influence which licence is right for you include:

  • The licence time period
  • Do you require the licence for a one-off occasion, a limited period or an ongoing basis?
  • Where the alcohol will be consumed
  • Consider whether the alcohol is to be consumed on the licensed premises or taken away.
  • Council requirements as to land use
  • The local council can place restrictions on how premises may be lawfully used. Your proposed use of the premises must adhere to these restrictions.
  • Your business intentions

For example, do you intend to open a bar or nightclub, a pub with a bottle shop or merely supply alcohol at your club’s functions?

Further authorisations

For example, do you intend to provide entertainment such as bands or DJs? Do you have an outdoor area that is on council land? See the additional authorisations section below to see what further approvals you may need.

Licence application kits

To assist clubs in making their liquor licensing application the CBS website also has an application kit section to help clubs work out the correct licence for their circumstances.

Club Licence

A club licence authorises the sale and supply of liquor for consumption on the club’s licensed premises.

Limited Club

A limited club licence authorises the sale of liquor to members and guests of members.

Limited Licence

If your club does not normally sell alcohol or have a liquor license but decides to sell alcohol at a one-off event then it will need a temporary limited licence. The CBS website has a lot of helpful information, including a factsheet, on temporary liquor license


Fees are charged when making an application for a liquor licence. Application fees are payable when lodging your application. The time taken to process an application will vary depending on a range of factors including the complexity of the application and any objections which may be raised.


The licensee must keep a copy of the licence showing all conditions and endorsements on the licence displayed at or near the front entrance to the licensed premises at all times.

The licensee must display a sign, in the prescribed form, informing minors and other members of the public of the law relating to under-age drinking. This sign must be displayed in a prominent position in each area of the licensed premises to which access is permitted to minors.


RSA training is mandatory for licensees and staff selling, offering or serving liquor for general, on-premises, late night and packaged liquor licences.

Completing an approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) program gives participants the skills and knowledge to contribute to a safe and enjoyable environment in licensed premises.

Further Information

For further information on Liquor Licensing please contact CBS
131 882