The power of a great club communication strategy

For us, communication is so much more than just “imparting or exchanging information”.

We believe a strong and consistent communication strategy will:

  • Increase the size of the club’s audience, or the number of people with whom the club has a relationship
  • Creating depth within these relationships culminating with the each individual feeling a strong sense of belonging with the club.
  • Engaging future participants
  • Support the delivery of club objectives

Few clubs consider that a primary objective of their communication plan should be to grow not only their audience but also their engaged audience.

The larger the engaged audience the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

We are not talking about growing an audience for the sake of it. This is about continually seeking to connect with those people who have an interest, for whatever reason, in your club.

The bigger a club’s engaged audience, that is, the bigger the audience of people who feel a sense of belonging to the club, the easier it will be ask them to help you with club goals.

For example, if you have a major club function and put tickets on sale on Facebook and 10% of your 100 genuine followers purchase tickets, you will sell 10 tickets via Facebook. But if you have 500 genuine followers then you are going to sell 50 tickets. This is a common scenario illustrating the importance of continually growing your audience of people who genuinely care for and support your club.

When clubs should use Facebook and Twitter

While the benefits of Twitter in many instances are similar to Facebook, Twitter can also be used in ways simply not possible on Facebook. Because the whole concept of Twitter is short and sharp...