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Why run for club secretary?

14 Feb 2024

The secretary is the key administrative officer of the club. So why run for Secretary?

Essentially, the club secretary engages everybody within the club, providing the link between members, players and the club executive committee. The secretary also liaises with key stakeholders outside the club such as other local sports association members, state and national peak bodies, local council staff, sponsors and the list goes on. Being your club secretary is a great way to meet people and build lasting friendships.

Secretaries are essential

The position of secretary is critical to the successful management of any club or organisation.

The secretary is often the first point of contact for people interested in the club who need information or details about activities. An effective secretary also helps in coordinating club events such as meeting schedules, social activities and fundraising activities.

The club secretary’s role can be challenging at times. Often not seen as high profile, in actual fact, the secretary is a key pivot point for all the club’s activities. This person is a valuable member of the club and contributes continuously to its success.

So why run for secretary?

  • You are looked up to and admired by your members
  • Creates long-lasting friendships
  • Build key leadership skills
  • You receive a great sense of self-satisfaction as the club goes through the year and people enjoy the benefits of your work
  • An opportunity to give back to your club and community
  • An opportunity to create a difference in your club
  • It is a great opportunity and perfect position to place on your resume when applying for leadership and management positions
  • Maximise your attention to detail
  • Your need to organise can be fulfilled

Throughout the year, you will work with the committee to ensure the club is on track. You will also get to know the parents and players very well, not because you are the debt collector but because that is simply what happens in such a visible position.

Knowledge and skills

Becoming a Secretary is not only a great way to meet everybody in the club, but also a great way to improve your own planning, communication and even financial management skills. This will start from the moment you decide to run for Secretary.

One thing to remember is that you don’t need to work out how to be your club’s secretary by yourself. There are lots of people who can help, support and show you what to do. This includes past secretaries, or experienced club administrators, friends doing a similar role at another club!
Of course one of the most important ways to get the information you need is to become a Sports Community member so you are continually getting the latest news and information. There are also a number of online training courses in the Sports Community website shop especially for club Secretaries and their committees.

Help and Support

You can also recruit people to help you spread the workload; good secretaries will always have at least one assistant secretary, many actually have two.

Having assistants will help spread your workload. It also creates a little team of people working together, bouncing ideas off each other and generally enjoying the experience.

So yes, the role of the Secretary is not always the most glamorous. It does take time, especially throughout the season. You are required to attend meetings on a regular basis, you’ll have to answering phone calls from members at all times of the day and night, and yes, it will be hard work.

But the role of the Secretary is very rewarding and creates a lifetime experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.


Information on this page is general in nature. Sports Community has made the best effort to ensure its accuracy. Please seek specific advice from your relevant club or authority.