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14 Feb 2024

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Templates and Checklists

Implementation Plan
Delivering Club Objectives
Club Culture Audit
Strategic Planning Template
Risk Management Checklist
Critical Club Information Checklist
Delivering Club Objectives Worksheet


The role of the President

So you’re the President now what? (MO)
Information club Presidents need before getting started (MO)
Characteristics of successful sport club Presidents
What does a successful club President actually do?
9 ways to make it easier to run your club
President’s key tasks throughout the year (MO)
Major activities required to complete the club year (MO)
Identifying your club’s community and stakeholders (MO)
The power of effective delegation (MO)
Planning the year will save so much time (MO)
Empower and induct the club committee (MO)
How to remove the club President?
How to become the club’s next President
What is the role and responsibility of a sport’s club committee?
What to consider before becoming a sports club President?
How can Presidents and Vice Presidents work as an effective team?
There are so many reasons to become your club’s next President

Attracting and retaining volunteers

What is volunteering? (MO)
Do volunteers even exist anymore?
Why do people volunteer at sports clubs?
What stops people from volunteering?
Creating a catalyst for volunteering
Empowering your club’s volunteers
Inducting, training and supporting your volunteers

Other article categories

Using Social Media and other comms strategies at your club
Running a committee meeting or Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Coach development
Player development
Legal Information
Online training
Position descriptions
Ground and facility management
Risk management and insurance

Online Video Courses

Making it easy to be a successful club President Video Series
Committee Induction Training (SH)

Position Descriptions

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An interview with Brian Lucas – President of Sorrento Bowling Club 

An Interview with Garry Woodhams – President of Sorrento Football Club

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