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Professional Development Training

For Peak Sporting Bodies and Local Council

This nine-part webinar series gives you, staff and colleagues the information to support your community clubs and volunteers.

18th March 2021

Creating a strategic plan at your club

Begins March 30th

Step by step on how to create a successful club

30th March 2021

Making it easy to be a successful secretary and committee member

Begins March 31st

Your ‘one-stop-shop' for all the tips, tricks and best-in-class information on your role.

31st March 2021

Social media & communication strategies for sports clubs

Begins April 20th (7:00pm)

How to create a large club audience while building a community that actively contributes to your club's success.

20th April 20217:00pm - 8:00pm

Successful sports club fundraising in a COVID era

Begins April 21st (7:00pm)

Some clubs have found or created new ways of club fundraising, offsetting the impact COVID-19 has had on traditional methods.

21st April 20217:00pm - 8:00pm