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Making it Easier to be a Successful Committee Member

Begins September 30th

Learn the secret characteristics of all successful clubs, and how to navigate your club through COVID 19 and beyond.

30th September 2020

Strategies to Ensure Your Club Survives and Thrives

Begins October 1st

Understand the opportunities moving forward, managing finances and keeping your committee together.

01st October 2020

Staff Development Training

For Peak Sporting Body and Local Council

This nine-part webinar series gives you, staff and colleagues the information to support your community clubs and volunteers.

15th October 2020

A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Everyone in Your Club Helping

Begins October 21st

How to get everyone helping at your club, not just a few doing the heavy lifting.

21st October 2020

Successful Fundraising in a COVID-19 Era.

Begins October 22nd

Some clubs have found or created new ways of club fundraising, offsetting the impact COVID-19 has had on traditional methods.

22nd October 2020

Creating a Strategic Plan at Your Club.

Begins November 11th

Strategic planning is about achieving goals, not just setting them. This webinar can teach you how to do just that.

11th November 2020