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Save time and give your club the edge

We stand behind you and your club, guide your volunteers, and support you through the challenges and success!

Are you…

  • Struggling under the workload?
  • Always battling to raise funds?
  • Looking for new social event ideas?
  • Not sure how to win grants?
  • Don’t have enough time to do all your club needs?
  • At a club that is dysfunctional, not performing or struggling to survive?

Do you…

  • Fear criticism from others even though you’re doing your best?
  • Need more volunteers?
  • Want the time at your club to be positive and fun for all?
  • Want to attract more sponsors?
  • Want to set your club up for future success?
  • Want thousands of volunteers supporting you and your club?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions.


All you need, is for your club to become a member of the Sports Community family.

In our Sports Community membership, everything we do is to save you time and make it as easy as possible. We have worked with thousands of sports clubs to learn the secret winning strategies to support positive clubs and competition success.

You get incredible support with videos, resources, expert interviews, live Q and A’s, newsletters, podcasts, checklists and a like-minded community all tackling the same challenges together.

We have worked with thousands of sports clubs, and there is not a challenge we haven’t seen and worked with clubs to solve…

10 reasons why your club should be a Sports Community member!

Being a member:

  2. Makes getting more volunteers to help you EASIER.
  3. Provides clear position descriptions for each role, making jobs and responsibilities clear
  4. Supports you in writing winning grant applications
  5. Helps you know where to start, and what to do
  6. Provides specific templates and checklists to save you time in your role
  7. Helps you create long term sponsorship relationships and includes new and effective fundraising ideas
  8. Supports volunteer hand over and training of new volunteers with inductions
  9. Supports your leaders and eases the workload at your club
  10. Brings your club into an online community of like-minded volunteers, solving challenges together!

And most importantly it supports LONG TERM SUCCESS!

In partnership with peak sporting bodies and government organisations across Australia, Sports Community has been working with volunteers and clubs, just like yours, to solve challenges and ensure clubs thrive, driving their sporting success.

We work with clubs to:

  • Leave volunteers feeling inspired, energised and capable
  • Raise funds and win grants
  • Support success within competition
  • Get more players, volunteers and coaches
  • Bring back the fun to volunteering
  • Grow community engagement and support
  • Save time and energy, by providing the solutions
  • Give volunteers the information at the beginning, that no-one ever tells them

We can show you how to turn your club into a club others aspire to be!

What is included in your membership?

Individual Membership – access to all resources, support and our online community.

Club Membership – access for up to 8 volunteers at your club to all resources, support and our online community.​

For new volunteers to your club:
  • Training and information to overcome all barriers and reservations about becoming a volunteer.
  • Induction into their role with online training and resources.

Roles include: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Co-ordinator, Sponsorship Co-ordinator, Grants Co-ordinator, Committee Member, Marketing and Communications, Social Events Co-ordinator and those responsible for recruiting players and participants.


For all volunteers:
  • All the information, ideas, templates, checklists and resources you are going to need throughout the year, to streamline your club.
  • Access to a safe, moderated, online community of volunteers, just like you, where you can ask any questions, share your knowledge and experiences, get ideas and see what other clubs are doing.
  • Ongoing training to make your role easier and more efficient.
  • Recordings of all volunteer webinar programs throughout the year, as and when they are delivered, which ensures the most up to date training.
  • Access to the latest information and cutting-edge ideas for sports club volunteers.
  • The latest technology for sports clubs.
  • Access to incredible offers, discounts and members only products and services.
  • Step by step guides for your committee members so they succeed, every time, with minimal time and ease.
  • How to raise funds for your club with ease
  • Grant writing and sponsorship proposals
  • Live Q and A’s to work through challenges with you and your club
  • Podcasts with interviews from experts
  • Newsletters bursting with information relevant for you
  • A community of volunteers standing behind you, and your club, supporting you throughout the year

By becoming a Sports Community member, you are making it possible for us to continue to create desperately needed resources, training and support that clubs and volunteers need.

Join the community that is ready to support you and your club today!

Sports Community has many valuable tools for clubs and associations to enhance the running of their day to day tasks – a wealth of knowledge is available across many different areas

Proven to be useful in developing good governance

Sports community runs valuable workshops

Rob Hansen

How does it work?

You Sports Community membership allows you access to revolutionary resources for you and your club, within our community.

You also receive access to a community of like-minded volunteers, and our staff ready to step in to support you.

Why you and your club should become a member?

Joining your club as a Sports Community member:

  • Ensures long term success for your club
  • Includes new and exciting fundraising ideas
  • Eases the workload on volunteers
  • Allows new volunteers to feel supported, energised and capable
  • Includes position descriptions for each member of your committee
  • Includes support with grant writing
  • Ensures your club is running smoothly

Who is Sports Community?

I was you.

I’m Steve the founder of Sports Community.

At 20 years old, I was given the role of secretary at my cricket club. I thought it would be a walk in the park. I was wrong. Very wrong.
I soon discovered I was in over my head, with no idea what to do, no support and no resources to help me.

I felt hopeless, embarrassed and alone.

After holding the position of “world’s worst club administrator” and learning a lot, I moved into other positions within the club from president to coach and everything in between.
I then became the CEO of our local football netball league and continued to volunteer at clubs for 25 years.
A focus for me was ensuring every new volunteer to our club didn’t feel the lows I had.

In 2012, I realised, after running workshops with hundreds of volunteers across many different sports, that it wasn’t just me who had encountered this awful experience stepping up to help my club, but in fact it was a grassroots sport wide problem.

This was when Sports Community was born.

Since 2012 we have worked with peak sporting bodies and government organisations of all sizes, including; the ACT and Western Australian Governments, QLD Rugby league, Cricket Australia, Gliding Australia, Karting Australia and Table Tennis Victoria, and learnt more about sports clubs, their volunteers and what our community needs, than ever before.

There is not a problem we haven’t seen or worked with a club to solve.

It is what I have committed my life to.

My promise to you and your club is that our Sports Community family is the place for you.
It is the support you and your volunteers need, and we are in it together.

Money back guarantee

We are so confident that our membership will be invaluable for both you and your club we offer a two-week money back guarantee! Use our resources and support and if you aren’t satisfied, contact us within your first two weeks for your money back!

Your questions answered

Will this take longer than just doing the job myself?

The resources within our membership, are tested and proven to SAVE time for you and the other volunteers at your club.

Our membership will also empower ALL volunteers at your club, allowing for more work to be distributed, with the knowledge it will be done well and effectively.

I have volunteered for 10 years already, why would I need this membership?

Firstly, that is awesome!

There are a number of reasons why experienced volunteers join our membership.

Secondly, to streamline tasks already undertaken at the club, and to be able to effectively delegate and distribute the workload with the knowledge it will be done correctly and efficiently.

Our experienced volunteers, while getting a lot from our of our resources, are generally also people who love supporting others within their club, as well as within our community with their knowledge and expertise.

My club has always run the way it has run, why should we join?

From the thousands of volunteers and clubs we have worked with, there have been some very common challenges across all clubs, whether successful in their performance or struggling to survive.

These are; that knowledge is often lost when volunteers leave, new volunteers are hard to get or are nervous about their new role, and funds always need to be raised.

Our membership sets your club up for long term success, not just now but into the future as you recruit more volunteers.

It eases the burden for all on the committee and within the club.

If I sign my club up, who gets access?

Your Sports Community Membership includes access for up to 8 volunteers at your club.

Are there any extra costs within the membership?


All resources within the membership are included in your once yearly membership payment.

What if I get stuck?

Reach out!

Sports Community are always here to help you and your club.

We also have an online community of volunteers ready to help!

Can you help me explain this to my club committee?

Of course!

We understand purchasing on behalf of your club may mean speaking at a committee meeting.

If you need our help, let us know!

Click here to contact us for any further support.

Is this just for football and netball clubs?

Absolutely not! We have worked with clubs from varying sports including car racing, lawn bowls cricket, swimming and many many more.

No matter what your sport, the resources will be relevant, and we are here to support and work through any specific challenges you may have.

I see you are in Australia, I’m not, will this membership still be relevant to me?


We have worked with clubs across the world and have found the challenges have been very much the same.