An interview with Ebony Matthews

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Season 2020 Episode 04

An interview with Ebony Matthews

Season 2020 Episode 04

An interview with Ebony Matthews

Creating a life members group that keeps contributing

Show Notes

This episode is all about that life members group, and just how amazing they are!

We speak to Ebony about all the fundraising events they conduct, and how they have forged a group that potentially has better fundraising than many sports clubs out there!

Key Takeaways

  • Finding pathways for people who want to continue to contribute long after their active time at a club has ended.
  • The vast array of well thought out fundraising events the life members group have developed.
  • Creating events that are annual and that community members look forward to well ahead of time.
  • Finding events that require minimal output from members or organise and/or run.
  • The importance of social inclusion, welfare and fun.
  • Benefits and importance of formal structures for groups like this.

About Our Guest

Ebony Matthews has close to 15 years experience as a club administrator, and has been president of the Beaconsfield Netball Club for a handful of those years.

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