Pozible - How does it all work?

    Pozible is super easy!

    1. Your club sets up a page where you outline what the funds are for.
    Your club also needs to come up with a funding target, timeframe and rewards for donations.

    2. You club promotes the fundraiser and works towards your goal. Supporters pledge to your campaign during your given timeframe.

    3. Once your goal is achieved within the set time frame you receive the money.

    4. Your club then fulfils the rewards promised to donators.

    It is important to note that you must reach your funding goal within your set timeframe before any money is collected. If the project doesn’t reach the target amount within the time limit, none of the pledges are processed and the project creator gets nothing

    Want to know more?

    Rewards are a great feature of Pozible. They allow project creators to thank supporters in a range of unique and interesting ways.

    When you pledge to a campaign, you can opt in for a reward by choosing to give the amount associated with the reward you want. Project creators have to think of their own rewards, and there are so many different options and opportunities that you can access through rewards.
    Alternatively, you can choose to pledge to a project and receive no reward.

    Pozible believes in crowdfunding for everyone. That means providing help to creators to give them the best possible chance of success – and the highest success rate of any major platform.

    Pozible Service Fees are low and easy to manage. They are also only charged if your club reaches your funding goal!
    They are:
    Projects over A$500K: 3%
    Projects over A$100K: 4%
    Projects over A$1: 5%

    Credit Card / Debit Card / PayPal Fees: 2.4%+30¢ AUD

    When considering the hours of volunteer time saved and potential for significant fundraising dollars to be made these costs are minimal!

    Pozible is a Platform With Global Reach and has pledges come from 105 Different Countries.
    They also have the lowest fees structure and fees are only charged if your target is met