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Five Sub-Committees Your Club Should Consider

14 May 2024

Creating Sub-Committees is a great way to delegate tasks at your club, include skilled volunteers and free up time for committee members. Here are 5 Sub-Committees your club should consider creating:

Junior/Seniors: Creating a separate juniors or seniors sub-committee allows a smaller group to focus on selection, grading, social events and other goals that are specific to juniors or seniors.

Fundraising: Raising funds for your club can be time consuming and may require many different avenues. A sub-committee in charge of fundraising can make decisions and organise fundraising events, sponsorships, funding requests from local government and more.

Facility Redevelopment: Depending on your clubs goals, facility redevelopment can be a massive task, so creating a sub committee allows you to get experts in charge of the project, and let the full committee manage the day to day aspect, while the sub committee manages the redevelopment.

Grant Writing: Some grants are simple; explain what the cash is for, describe your plan and hit send, but others can be more in depth. Having a team recruited to assist with grant applications means that you’ll have the resources to collate research, surveys, strategic plans, redevelopment plans, financial data and extended details required for a high value grant.

Communications: Website management, game day social media, emails and inter club communications can be an exhausting job for one person. Creating a subcommittee allows for each individual to use their own skills set, and work together with the team to make the tasks easier, and less time consuming for all involved.