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Fast 5 Ways to Make Your Club Environmentally Friendly

6 Feb 2024
  1. Minimise Single Use Plastic: Serve food and drinks from your bar and canteen in reuseable plates and cups to reduce plastic and paper waste. Clubs can also consider biodegradable options.
  2. Create a Club Garden: Creating a club/community garden will allow your club to reuse grey water and possibly food scraps as compost. A club garden will also be a great way to engage community members who don’t participate in your sport.
  3. Install Solar Panels and Other Energy Efficient Technology: Energy efficient technology will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also your power bills. Energy efficiency projects may be eligible for government grants or funding.
  4. Implement Recycling Procedures: Ensuring that recycling bins are always available at your club will reduce the amount of recyclable materials in landfill. If your state offers cashback for recyclable cans and bottles, organising a specific recycling bin for cans that can be deposited at a recycling centre will also serve as a valuable fundraiser for your club, and is likely to motivate your attendees to use these bins.
  5. Create a Green Purchasing Policy: As a club or committee, develop and follow a clear policy that requires your club to purchase food, drinks, merchandise and other products from companies that are environmentally sustainable. Ensure that your club is primarily purchasing re-usable, biodegradable or recyclable items.