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7 Types of Software to Improve Productivity

31 Jan 2024
  1. Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management software provides a faster and more user friendly experience so posting or scheduling directly on each social media platform. Programs like Oktopost and Hootsuite allow you to link all your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, etc.) in the one space, schedule future posts and review analytics, saving time and leading to better results.

  1. Team Communication Apps

Apps including Slack and Teams are a great way to connect with your team. Faster and more user friendly than emails, but more professional than a social media group chat, these apps allow you to send documents easily and chat with team members individually or in groups.

  1. Email Marketing Software

There are LOTS of email marketing software options, including Keap, Mailchimp, Microsoft Dynamics and SO MANY more. An email marketing software allows you to produce high-quality emails for newsletters, updates and other mass marketing strategies. Whether you’re selling a product, or keeping fans informed, having a user friendly email marketing program allows you to track engagement rates, schedule emails for set times and produce higher quality content in a shorter period of time. Pricing for some software is cheaper than you may expect, so small clubs, associations and businesses should consider researching their options!

  1. Graphic Design Tools

When posting on social media or other online spaces, using visuals is a must, and its never been easier to produce good quality graphics with very little effort. Beginners should consider programs like Canva, which have a library of graphics free to use and are designed to be user-friendly.

  1. Task Management Systems

Raise your hand if you love a ‘to-do’ list! Task management systems like Clickup, Asana and Trello allow you to create simple or in depth to-do lists, with timelines, due dates and staff or volunteers assigned to each task. These lists can be viewed by everyone in your organisation to help everyone know what stage a project is at. Many of these programs have free versions without the advanced features.

  1. Survey Websites

Getting honest feedback is a great way for your organisation to guide its decision making! Ditch the old school pen and paper reviews and consider using a survey website like SurveyMonkey. Setting up a survey is simple and distributing it can be as simple as sending a link to your email database, or posting on your social media. Survey websites also count the results for you and present this information in a simple and easy to understand way.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great way to speed up time-consuming tasks. AI programs like Chat GPT and Google Bard can write content, research topics, answer questions and edit documents for you and most have a free version! Consider AI your personal assistant who’s an expert on everything!

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