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Delta Electricity – Sponsorship & Donations

Delta Electricity – Sponsorship & Donations

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This grant is ongoing.

This Delta Electricity Sponsorship program aims to help improve local parks for families and people with disabilities and sponsor community events. It also provides support for Landcare and other environmental work and helps many local organisations.


There are five categories available:
– Education
– Environment
– Arts and cultural
– Community & health
– Sport & recreation

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include:
– Not-for-profit
– Charities
– Educational institution

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include those that:
– Allow a community to exert greater control over its environment (cultural, physical, social, economic).
– Develop the ability of individuals and communities to foster and sustain positive change.
– Build infrastructure for long term programs.
– Build partnerships, community wellbeing and cohesiveness.

Main Assessment Criteria

The Delta Electricity Sponsorship assessment criteria includes:
– Activities must be geographically located in the regional areas where Delta Electricity Power Stations operate. Delta’s Vales Point and Munmorah power stations are located in the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie region.
– Activities should involve the broad community and/or local communities and contribute to community wellbeing and cohesiveness.
– Strengthen relationships with key business and community leaders or groups.
– Application is supportive of educational, environmental, arts and cultural, sports and recreation and community development.
– Have objectives, values and aspirations that align with Delta’s philosophy and corporate image.
– Identify the benefits, dates and deadlines relevant to the sponsorship proposal. These include naming rights and branding opportunities, logo printed on all promotional material, opportunity to display branded banners and/or distribute branded material to the audience, public acknowledgment of support and media reports mentioning Delta involvement.
– Potential for strategic stakeholder partnership and engagement opportunities.
– The organisation must be a not-for-profit, charity or community group.


The following are ineligible for funding:
– Involving advertising on merchandise relating to alcohol and cigarettes.
– Considered to be sensitive or contentious from a political, moral or religious factional perspective.
– Supporting individuals or activities for an individual’s gain or profit.
– For activities, products or services that pose an unacceptable safety risk to participants or could be harmful to the environment.
– From organisations that are financially unsound or involved in practices that might affect Delta’s reputation.

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