ACT Indigenous Sports Grants Program (ISGP)

ACT Indigenous Sports Grants Program (ISGP)

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ACT Indigenous Sports Grants Program

About the ISGP

The ACT Government’s ISGP is a grants program for eligible individuals seeking support for their participation in sport and recreation activities.

The primary objective of the ISGP is to make participation opportunities in sport and recreation more accessible to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly people that are disadvantaged. The ISGP has an emphasis on a structured, frequent level of participation that supports positive health, social and wellbeing outcomes.

Funding for the ISGP is provided to the ACT Government through the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s (DPM&C) Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS).

There have been some changes to the program’s administration in 2018/19 – these changes are aimed at increasing community awareness/engagement with the funding opportunity and to simplify the administrative process.

If you are wishing to apply for funding support and you or your child is participating in the following sports (below), please contact the sport directly to apply. Each sport has received funding from Sport and Recreation to implement the program within their sporting network.  While timing is targeted at the forthcoming winter season, each sport is responsible for internal program administration, promotion and timing.

If you are not participating in any of the sports listed below please apply directly via smartygrants.

SGP Funding Guidelines

For further information regarding the ISGP, including eligibility requirements, please refer to the ‘2018-19 ISGP Funding Guidelines‘ page.

To Apply:

2018-19 Application form via smartygrants online system – Apply here

Applications will close on 30 June 2019 unless funds are exhausted beforehand.


If you have any questions regarding the ISGP please contact the Grants Officer on 02 6207 6195.

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