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14 Feb 2024

Community sports clubs are forever undertaking fundraising activities, continually seeking new and preferably easy ways to raise funds. Few club realise that many fundraising activities, such as raffles or even footy tipping, may require permits, follow specific procedures and even undertake reporting specific to a given fundraising activity.

In Queensland, fundraising activities are overseen by Business Queensland, a Department of the Queensland Government. Business Queensland has a comprehensive website with a lot of information specifically for sports clubs.

This information can be accessed by clicking here

The Queensland Government has also created a comprehensive manual in collaboration with the Office of Liquor and Gambling, which is a step by step guide to implementing the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code. This resource can be downloaded here

General Information

Art unions, raffles, bingo, lucky envelopes, Calcutta sweeps and promotional are regulated under the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999.

Under the Act, these different games are broken into categories, some of which require a licence.


Category 1 games

Generally include games such as raffles, sweeps, calcutta sweeps, bingo etc where the proceeds are not more than $2000.

The Office of Liquor and Gambling have created a comprehensive guide, which confirms if your club needs a permit for Category 1 games, can be downloaded here


Category 2 games

Category two games, Including raffles, sweeps, Calcutta sweeps, football doubles, lucky door prizes, bingo etc are generally those with gross proceeds more than $2,000 but not more than $50,000.

The office of Liquor and Gambling have created a comprehensive guide, which confirms if your club needs a permit for Category 2 games.


Category 3 games

Category 3 Games are generally those where the proceeds are more than $50,000. Generally this type of games requires a permit so to see exactly what is required have a look at the Office of Liquor and Gambling Guide to Category 3 Games


The Business Queensland website also has lots of additional information relating to games such as ree entry draws conducted to promote goods or services (trade promotions), promotional games, lucky envelopes, tipping competitions and even running bingo.

To access this information, especially to find out if a permit is required, head here


For further information

If you require further information relating to running fundraising activities in Queensland for your club contact the Office of Liquor and Gambling on either:

  • Telephone: 13 74 68
  • email: