Why run for club Treasurer?

Ah, the black art of the club Treasurer position. It’s daunting – so why run for club Treasurer?

For people who have never been in that role before, it might seem like it. For those who have never kept a set of books, it’s viewed as something of a mixture of magic, potent spells and crystal ball gazing. But it really isn’t like that at all.

With the exception of the budgeting process, which does involve a degree of crystal ball work, there is nothing at all mysterious, difficult or even onerous about what the treasurer does.

A few simple principles, some consistent record keeping and bingo, you are on your way.

Frequently, clubs will scour their membership and supporters for a professional accountant or bookkeeper, but don’t feel that you have to have those qualifications to take on the role. Some of the best club treasurers had no idea about the role before they started.  Every club looks up to a Treasurer who can provide accurate and timely financial information and here’s why:

  • You are admired by your members
  • Creates long-lasting friendships
  • Build key leadership skills
  • Great sense of Self-satisfaction
  • An opportunity to give back to your club and community
  • An opportunity to create a difference in your club
  • It is a great opportunity and perfect position to place on your resume when applying for leadership and management position

There are many reasons why a person should consider to run for club Treasurer. One of the best reasons is that you become involved in every part of the club. In the early stages of the season, you are talking to people about what they need for the season and putting this into a budget. You are not only thinking about the club today but also preparing it for the future. Looking into the future can be a bit daunting but also really exciting.

Don’t worry if you have never created a budget before. It is simply a list of when we think money will come in and when we think it needs to be paid. Generally, this will be very similar to the previous season.

Throughout the year, you will work with the committee and those responsible for the different areas of the club to ensure the club is on track financially. You will also get to know the parents and players very well. This won’t be because you are the debt collector but because that is simply what happens.

Knowledge and skills

Becoming a treasurer is a great way to meet everybody in the club. But is a great way to improve your own planning, communication and financial management skills. As soon as you decide to run for club Treasurer, you will instantly meet people from all over the club.

One thing to remember is that you don’t need to work out how to be your club’s treasurer by yourself. There are lots of people who can help, support and show you what to do, including past treasurers or experienced club administrators, or even friends doing a similar role at another club!

Of course one of the most important ways to get the information you need is to become a Sports Community member so you are continually getting the latest news and information. There are also a number of online training courses in the Sports Community website shop especially for club Treasurers and their committees.

Spread the load – Assistant Treasurer

You can also recruit people to help you spread the workload, good Treasurers will always have at least one assistant treasurer, many actually have two assistant treasurers. Having assistants will help spread your workload but also creates a little team of people working together, bouncing ideas off each other and generally enjoying the experience together. When you run for club Treasurer, you will be supported and surrounded by the club around you.

So yes, being a club treasurer can be a bit of work, but it is an extremely rewarding position.


Information on this page is general in nature. Sports Community has made the best effort to ensure its accuracy. Please seek specific advice from your relevant club or authority.

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Ah, the black art of the club Treasurer position. It's daunting - so why run for club Treasurer? For people who have never been in that role before, it might seem like it. For those who have...

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