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What is an event?

14 Feb 2024

An event is very simply a gathering of people for a purpose.
For clubs, examples could include for the purpose of fundraising, celebrating, educating, competing or for social reasons. A club Annual General Meeting is a form of club event.

Events can be large or small and can include just members of your club, the local community or even people from around the world if your club chooses to fundraise online.

Events can be a great deal of work and for some, are quite challenging. There are certainly ways to minimise these challenges and share the responsibility among volunteers at your club. Many clubs find that each year the events become easier to run as volunteers learn the easiest and most efficient ways to do things.

Event Organisers

Generally in clubs the committee will delegate to a volunteer to run an event like the mid season ball. The volunteer then focuses on the actual event, booking a location, getting a band and sorting out the food and drink but depending on your event or activity it could be so much more than that. It is the event organiser’s responsibility to ensure that the event runs smoothly and achieves its’ objectives. Depending on the size of your event this could include:

  • Organising committees and sub-committees
  • Recruiting and briefing volunteers
  • Budgeting
  • Choosing the date and booking the venue
  • Risk Management
  • Liaising with the council and government
  • Organising licences and permits
  • Organising insurance to cover your event
  • Sourcing and booking the equipment required
  • Organising logistics of; power and lighting, toilet supply and maintenance, water supply, waste management, noise management etc
  • Venue cleaning
  • Traffic and parking and any road closures
  • Ticketing and Participant Registrations – On the day, online and refunds
  • Participant Declaration and Waiver
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Media, Website and Social Media
  • Booking Ambassadors and Special Guests
  • Maximising fundraising at your event
  • Sponsors and donations
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • First Aid
  • Money Handling
  • Site Plan and Layout
  • Event and day running sheets
  • Communication with participants, volunteers, the community and guests
  • Post event reviews

Looking at this list can be overwhelming but the benefits are most certainly great when running an event at your club. Organisation is the key. Being prepared and knowing how to ask volunteers to help is also certainly important.