Why Clubs seek Sponsors?

Why do clubs dedicate even one minute in the pursuit of sponsors? After all, the scarcest resource a club has is its volunteers, so why dedicate their time to something that has nothing to do with the sport you play and love?

The answer is generally that sponsorship funds are either used to reduce the costs of the sport or help your club achieve its goals. These goals are often based around competition success.

The question that is rarely asked is “who gets the benefit of club sponsorships?” Who benefits most from reduced costs or achieving club goals?

While the answer can be quite broad, as many groups within the community benefit from “successful” and sustainable sporting clubs, the group who benefits most are the current players and members.

So thinking about this logically, the Sponsorship Co-ordinator is doing all the work attracting and retaining sponsors for which every other player and member gets a benefit.

If every member gets a benefit, shouldn’t every member then have a part to play in attracting and retaining club sponsors? Absolutely

Traditional ways of acquiring sponsorship do work and have worked for generations, but there are a number of ways that clubs can minimise effort, increase efficiency and sponsorship income.

Inclusions that sponsors value

How Does the Sponsor Value the Inclusions? What you include as part of the sponsorship packages is a key driver as to how the sponsor values the packages. As we have discussed, one of the real...