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Membership sale strategies

18 Feb 2024

Delegating responsibility for selling memberships

Ideally, the key to increasing your membership sales is for the committee to allocate responsibility to a club member or subcommittee. Setting them short and long-term membership targets and gve them membership sale strategies. This person or subcommittee should regularly report to the committee on club membership sales.

The membership person or subcommittee should then communicate the membership target to everybody in your club. They should then engage them in the sales process. The reality is your members are your best sales force. Every existing member’ (particularly participants or players) has the potential to sell many memberships. Actively engage them in your membership sales strategies.

Create different membership types

One membership strategy that all local clubs should consider is to create several different types of membership at different prices. Utilising this will help boost the membership numbersand open up more options to the community.  This practice is used extensively by professional sporting clubs. However, it is a great concept for local grassroots clubs to adopt. It may potentially attract supports and the wider community to become members.

For example, the Melbourne Storm offers over 20 different types of membership packages all targeting a different group of supporter and creating an opportunity for them feel a part of the club.

There are all kinds of possible membership types that could be made available to your supporters in your “community” to join your club, attracting those who otherwise wouldn’t become involved.

Family membership

It is important to create an option which encourages the families of participants to join your club. It is so powerful when those not actively participating in the sporting side of the club feel equally as welcome as those participating.

Reduced game membership

There are many in the community who would like to watch only a few games throughout the year. A standard membership which allows them free entry to every home game or competition for the year may not be suitable or cost-effective. But an option of something like a 3-game membership then they are more likely to join your club.

Past player memberships

Keeping past players involved in your club is a very easy way to increase the number of memberships sold. Past players often already have a strong emotional link with your club so this type of membership creates the link between the past player and the club. You could offer a discounted membership for those who have previously participated as an athlete for your club. It could allow them entry to a few games a year. This would encourage them to stay in touch with the club where they otherwise may have lost touch. On top of this, many local clubs hold a “Past Players Day” at some stage during the season, so this membership could also provide privileges for that day. This is an easy class to include into your membership sale strategies.

Non-attending member or absentee member

There may be people in the community who love to support your club but simply cannot make it to watch any competition. For these potential members, you could provide a membership category which is much cheaper than a full membership. This category could still provide them with some value as a token of appreciation of their support, e.g. a club polo shirt, hat etc.
Having various different types of membership deals with ranging prices and benefits provides your club. It also has the potential to reach new membership audiences. Instead of attracting just your players, coaches and their families, you can reach out to the wider community. Encourage them to support your club.