5 Easy Hacks for Your Club’s Social Media!

1: Everybody loves a good story

Storytelling is the ultimate key to social media success.
By telling a story, you build a sense of belonging and a relationship with your audience. As that relationship builds, so does engagement!

2: Events

Use Facebook events to ensure all members know about upcoming social and I draining events. This also allows you to track propel who have said they are coming and perhaps haven’t purchased tickets or people who have said no but should be attending. Make sure to make appropriate events public on Facebook so members can tag their mates and share it with others outside the club.

3: Sell your club on social

Social media now has lots of functionality to be selling things on behalf of your club.
Instagram and Facebook now allow you to set up a store and tag your products, so make sure you tag your club’s beanie when you post a picture of your club’s BOG wearing one!

4: Video is the most engaging content

If you’re not posting or sharing video content on social media, then you’re not using it to its full potential.
Video is one of the most successful content types on social media, receives some of the best engagement rates, and helps you tell your club stories really, really well.
Your videos could be on anything – you can reveal the 1s team list as they head into the highly-competitive prelim, do an injury report, share the moment when the Under 12s won their grand final – anything you want to post on social, can be told in a video.

5: Go LIVE!

What’s better than a video? a LIVE VIDEO!
Take advantage of going live at your next club event, competition or awards night.
Going live on social media invites your audience into the room with you, meaning they’re as engaged and interested as they’ll ever be.

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