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An interview with Sam Duncan

Season 2020 Episode 06

An interview with Sam Duncan

Season 2020 Episode 06
An interview with Sam Duncan

Enhancing your club by working with passionate students

Show Notes

This episode, Sam takes us on a journey to understand how your club can benefit from working with students with an expanding and wide variety of skillsets, to enhance your club.

Key Takeaways

  • Tapping into the tens of thousands of students looking for ways to build their professional experience, and in many cases, their social connectedness.
  • Starting the conversations and building relationships with Universities and other higher education bodies.
  • Harnessing the amazing experiences that students can have with grassroots clubs.
  • Building a mutually beneficial relationship with students from all education backgrounds.

About Our Guest

Sam Duncan is the course leader at Holmesglen – heading up the Sports Media and Sports Business Bachelor degrees.

Sam has worked, and continues to moonlight, within the media industry for many years. Sam also has a PHD Sport, Media, Society and Culture. He is a contributor to The Age and SEN among many other publications, and is a published author.

Sam is also an Essendon supporter and former boundary rider for Crocmedia’s AFL Broadcasts.

You can learn more about Sam Duncan on his website.

Connect with Sam on LinkedIn | Twitter

Or to contact Holmesglen, head to |


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