An Interview with Paul Horvath

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Season 2020 Episode 02

An Interview with Paul Horvath

Season 2020 Episode 02

An Interview with Paul Horvath

The SportsLawyer himself joins us to discuss the importance of having a legal understanding of your position at your club among many other legal relating topics.

Key Takeaways

What happens when you join a committee?

What should be part of your hand-over when you join a new committee or pass the torch to the next amazing volunteer?

Should your club be incorporated?

What are the benefits/protections of an incorporated association?

The best ways to protect yourself and your club:

  • Become informed about your club.
  • Read your club rules or constitution.
  • Read your club policies and procedures.
  • Potentially even the club insurance policy.
  • Take the time to read any and all key governance documents.
  • Make sure everyone on the committee knows about these documents and has taken/takes the time to read them.


About Our Guest

Paul Horvath heads up SportsLawyer as the principal solicitor. Paul has been involved in sports law for well over 10 years, has a Masters Degree in Sports Law from the University of Melbourne, and has been involved in a wide variety of cases that range from matters involving amatuer sports clubs to representing Mark Thompson during the Essendon Bombers suppliments case.

SportsLawyer are Melbourne based expert sports lawyers, offering services in a wide variety of areas of sports law including:

  • Anti doping in sport,
  • Employment in sport,
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying,
  • Litigation and dispute resolution,
  • Racing law, and
  • Tribunals and discipline.

Paul will join us on the Sports Community Podcast throughout the year to discuss a whole range of sports law related topics ranging from committee responsibilities, child safety, tribunal dealings, and many more!

You can learn more about what Paul Horvath and SportsLawyer can help with on their website:

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