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Social Media & Communication Tactics for Sports Clubs

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Social Media is everywhere in the modern world. Sometimes it may seem like we are being left behind if we’re not up with the latest communications app or tool. Our social media eBook will introduce you to this new part of the world.

Sports Community’s eBook, ‘Social Media & Communication Tactics for Sports Clubs’ shows club volunteers step-by-step how they can use social media tools to meet club objectives. This could be attracting new members, creating and running successful events and so much more.

The content has been developed through our extensive experience training club volunteers and a large amount of research into how sports clubs are using Social Media around the world.

This social media ebook covers topics such as:

  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Hootsuite to promote your club and engage the community
  • How to develop a social content strategy
  • Creating a successful communication strategy
  • How to create a marketing plan

If you use Social Media correctly, it can do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ that used to need many volunteers to achieve. This social media ebook will also help you make the most of these tools to create efficiencies at your club.

Plus, our newsletter will continue to support you with fortnightly grant opportunities, resources and articles full of insight into club life. As a result, you will have heaps of content for your communications, because everything in there you can link to!

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