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14 Feb 2024

In Western Australia, the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (RGL) regulates liquor licence and permit applications.

A liquor licence states where and when you are allowed to serve alcohol. Different licence types are available to suit different businesses or community organisations. Fees and legal obligations for liquor licences vary, depending on the type of business and licence.

Once your club has its liquor licence it is vitally important that you comply with the conditions of the licence at all times.

The RGL has a comprehensive website that provides all the information clubs need to know about their obligations when serving alcohol in Victoria.

The RGL website can be accessed by clicking here

Things to consider before applying – sporting and community club

Before applying for a liquor licence, there are a few things you need to consider, including licence requirements.

The licence required will depend on your situation. The different types of licences for a sporting or community club are outlined on this page and further information can be found here

Licence application kits

To assist clubs in making their liquor licensing application the RGL website also has an application kit section to help clubs work out the correct license for their circumstances.

Club licence

A club licence allows liquor to be supplied to a member, or guest in the company of a member of the club, for consumption on and off the premises.

The RGL website has developed a fact sheet, which can be found here

The RGL also has a comprehensive fact sheet for Club and Restricted Club Licences

One-off events requiring a temporary licence

If your club does not normally sell alcohol or have a liquor license but decides to sell alcohol at a one off event then it will need a temporary limited licence. The RGL website has a lot of helpful information, including a factsheet, on temporary liquor licences

Liquor licence application fees and timing

Application fees are payable when lodging your application.

The Liquor Licence applications process in general can be found here

Fees and Charges for your club’s liquor licence

What are the signage requirements for licensed premises?

Under the guidelines of the RGL a licensee must display the licence document and any permit that relates to the licence.

The licensee must also maintain a copy of the following documents on the licensed premises;

  • Approved plans of the licensed premises
  • Incident Register
  • Training Register
  • House Management
  • Code of Management
  • Register of all members (clubs only)

These documents must be made available for inspection by an authorised officer.
Further information can be found here

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
Responsible service of alcohol is one of the most crucial tools in providing consumers with safe, responsible venues that are committed to practicing harm-minimisation techniques.

RSA training is mandatory for licensees and staff selling, offering or serving liquor for
general, on-premises, late night and packaged liquor licences.

Further Information

For more information about liquor licensing requirements for your club contact the RGL on:
Phone: (08) 6551 4888