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One of the primary roles of the treasurer is to empower the committee to financially manage your club.

Sounds daunting but it certainly doesn’t need to be.

Even if you have no accounting or financial management experience, this online training video explores:

  • What is the role of the treasurer?
  • What financial information do committees need to manage the club effectively?  Compare and contrast historical reporting to proactive management reporting such as budgets and cash flow.
  • How to create budgets and cash flow statements.
  • Financial reporting to members – what has to be reported, when and how – To audit or not to audit?
  • How to create cash management processes which protect the both the volunteers and cash.
  • Take a look at the different operation cash handling processes
  • How online (cloud) accounting systems make the treasurer’s job so much easier.
  • How automating banking transactions to the accounting systems, etc