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Child protection

14 Feb 2024

Working with children (Blue Card) 

The Blue Card system:

  • is a key prevention and monitoring system of people working with children and young people in Queensland
  • aims to minimise the risks of harm to children and young people by contributing to the creation of safe and supportive environments, and
  • is founded on the principle that all children have a fundamental right to be protected from harm.

Key benefits:

  • the past is risk managed though the initial assessment, which determines a person’s eligibility to work with children, based on known police or disciplinary information
  • the present is risk managed through police information of all blue card or exemption card holders, which is continuously monitored so any changes are actioned appropriately, and
  • the future is risk managed by service providers, who are required to implement child and youth risk management strategies and review them annually.

The Working with Children Check (also known as the Blue Card check) is a check that assesses:

  • any national charge or conviction for an offence (even if no conviction was recorded)
  • child protection prohibition orders
  • disqualification orders
  • if a person is subject to reporting obligations under the Child Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 2004 or Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003
  • disciplinary information held by certain professional organisations including teachers, child care licensees and foster carers, and
  • information that the Police Commissioner may provide in relation to police investigations into allegations of serious child-related sexual offences, even if no charges were laid.

A person whose application is approved is issued with a positive notice letter and a Blue Card.


General Information

The Queensland government  has created an easy to use website that provides important information for organisations and clubs who provide activities for children and vulnerable people. The Queensland Working With Children website be accessed by clicking here

What do the working with children obligations mean for clubs?

If you are a sports club who works with children, not matter if you do paid work or volunteer in junior or disability sports in the QLD, the Queensland State Government have identified how working with children will relate to sports clubs.

Head to their webpage to find out more.


Who needs a Blue Card?

Volunteers and trainee students need a blue card if their work or practical placement in a church, club, association or similar entity includes, or is likely to include, providing services that are mainly directed at children, or conducting activities that mainly involve children, unless an exemption applies.

Examples of people who need a Blue Card:

  • Volunteer coaches for children at sporting or recreational clubs
  • Volunteers conducting children’s activities at churches
  • Parents volunteering in an official capacity on a club’s committee, even if their child is a member of that club,
  • Trainee students doing placements in a church, club or association as part of their studies with an education provider.


Paid employees who work with children and young people must hold a Blue Card or an exemption card if their work falls into a category of regulated employment and they work, or are likely to work, for at least:

  • eight consecutive days, or
  • once a week for each week during a period of four weeks, or
  • once a fortnight for each fortnight during a period of eight weeks, or
  • once a month for each month during a period of six months 

unless an exemption applies.

How do I apply for a Blue Card?

The employer, volunteer organisation or education provider is responsible for applying to Blue Card Services for a blue card for volunteers or trainee students or notifying Blue Card Services if the person already holds a blue card or exemption card.

The employer must also make sure the applicant’s identification documents are sighted by the appropriate person within the organisation and verify that the signature on the application or card matches the signature on their identification documents.


Further information

If you need more information about ensuring your club meets its Working with Children obligations contact the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation by either:


Their customer support Line

Call 1800 113 611 (freecall within Queensland – calls from mobile phones may attract charges) or 07 3211 6999
or follow this link to email