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What to put on your website

14 Feb 2024

Online membership

The Mornington Football Netball Club sell different levels of club memberships online. Not only can they sell memberships to people anywhere around the world, but the online functionality collects the money and deposits the funds straight into the club bank account. It also automatically updates the membership register, reducing the workload of both the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Online sponsorship sales

The Hampton Rovers have added functionality which allows for the payment of sponsorships online. Each Rovers player is expected to introduce a “players” sponsor worth $300 each year. Instead of the Treasurer and the Sponsorship coordinator having to chase and collect the funds, the sponsor can immediately transfer the sponsorship money into the clubs bank account. The website even tries to “upsell” the sponsor to purchase more than the player sponsorship package.

Online Shop

The Melbourne Vixens netball team have an online shop which sells their clothing and merchandise range. Not only can they market to an international fanbase, but the online experience also collects the funds, organises the orders and makes it so much easier to manage clothing and merchandise than doing it manually.

Online event ticket sales

Perth Ice Hockey Team, Perth Thunder use to sell all their match day tickets. Not only does collect the attendee information and funds, but it can do all seating allocation no matter the format of your event.

Let your social media and eMail newsletter do the hard work

If you have a strong social media and email newsletter strategy which engages your audience, then from time to time you can add your fundraising “calls to actions”, asking your audience to support your latest fundraising initiative.

Clubs can use their social media and email newsletters to direct people to their website and transact with the club if it has been set up correctly.


Promoting the online shop

Promoting ticket sales

Promoting events

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