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Why run an event?

14 Feb 2024

Running an event can take a great deal of volunteer time and effort, so why are they common and popular for clubs?

There are so many benefits to running an event including them being effective fundraisers, great for building club culture and can create an ongoing annual tradition that your members and community look forward to each year.

Effective fundraisers
If your club runs a fundraising event well, it can raise a great deal of money for your club. With strong planning, good budgeting and engaging ideas your club can create a special event that can support your club’s efforts.

Your club can also look to layer opportunities to raise more money. For example running a Sausage Sizzle at a Preseason Round Robin Tournament you have created as a fundraiser.

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Social Benefits
We know that people join clubs for a sense of inclusion and belonging. Creating events to support the social side of your club allows for your club culture to grow and in turn aids in the retention of your members. A positive club culture helps to ensure that members are willing to help out when they are needed and that everyone enjoys their time at the club.

Creating an annual event
Your club may create an event that can be run annually or at regular intervals. These are great for your club as people can look forward to the event and be prepared to attend. These type of events become part of your club culture or connection to your wider community. For example a yearly Carols by Candlelight event or Pre-season Round Robin.