c) Understanding why businesses sponsor local clubs

In order to build long term relationships with sponsors, it is important for clubs to understand what the sponsoring business wants from the club or why businesses sponsor local clubs in the first place.

Generally there are four reasons a local business will sponsor their local sports club:

1. They have an existing connection with the club, either as a player, member or supporter or have a family member or friend linked to the club.

2. They want to be a part of the club, engaged and feel a strong sense of belonging and inclusion with the club

3. They want to contribute, or at least be seen as contributing, to the local community

4. It is financially beneficial to them

The first three reasons enter into a little psychology that it is beneficial to understand. Abraham Maslow was an American Psychologist who ranked human needs into a five level hierarchy. This starts with physiological needs such as breathing, food and water as its base, safety and security needs as the next level and then the third most basic of human needs is the need ‘to be loved and belong’. (M, 1943).

Local sports clubs have the opportunity to create a real sense of belonging between themselves and its community and sponsors. Creating and maintaining relationships where people feel as though they belong to the club is very powerful. The result is a sponsor that is more likely to assist the club to achieve its goals and to support the club over the long term. This long term support gives the club every opportunity to maximise the financial value of the sponsorship over time.

Another great point to note is around businesses wanting to be seen to be giving back to the local community.  Businesses are aware of how they are perceived in the community and have a responsibility to understand their impact.  ‘Corporate Responsibility’ is a degree of responsibility not only for the economic consequences of their activities, but also for the social and environmental implications (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2014).

The forth reason a business would look to sponsor your club is for financial gain.  There are many ways to help sponsors connect with their community and clubs have a wide reaching influence.  To create financial gain for a sponsor it is important to consider how best to create financial benefits for each individual business or company.

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