Position Descriptions

a) President b) Secretary c) Treasurer d) Junior Recruitment Co-Ordinator e) Sponsorship Co-ordinator f) Recruitment Officer g) Social Media Co-Ordinator h) Marketing and Promotions Officer i) Council Liaison Officer j) Social Activities Co-ordinator k) Club Team Manager l) Database Manager m) Sports & Coaches Manager n) Volunteer Co-Ordinator o) First Aid Officer p) Safety Officer q) Grounds/Facility Manager r) Media Manager s) Clothing Apparel & Merchandise Co-Ordinator t) Vice President u) General Committee Member

Promotions and Marketing

a) Understanding the DNA of a Sports Fan b) Identifying your Stakeholders c) The Importance of Databases d) Communication Processes for Marketing & Promotion e) Communication Processes in Detail f) Digital Communication g) Facebook h) Twitter i) The Power of Pictures j) Video Sharing k) Updating all your Social Media at Once l) Marketing and Communications Checklist m) Why Traditional Communication Methods are not Obsolete n) The Importance of Data to Community Sports Clubs o) Top 9 Reasons why Attracting Local Media Coverage is so Important for Clubs p) Top 9 Ways to get Your Club into the Local Media q) Mistakes to Avoid on Club Websites Successful Marketing and Promotions for Clubs

Strategic Planning

a) What is Strategic Planning? b) Setting and achieving goals c) Goal setting and implementation planning d) Starting the strategic planning process e) Step 1 – Stakeholder Consultation f) Step 2 – The formal planning process g) Step 2 continued – The Planning Session h) Step 2 continued – Goal ownership and task definition i) Step 3 – Sign off from members and stakeholders j) Step 4 – Objective implementation, management and DELIVERY! k) Strategic Planning Template

Tools and Templates

a) Culture Audit b) Strategic Planning Template c) Maximising Your Fundraising Checklist d) Marketing and Communications Checklist e) Risk Management Checklist f) Critical Club Information Checklist g) Creating a Successful and Profitable Fundraising Event – Worksheet h) Marketing Your Club Through Social Media – Worksheet i) Delivering Club Objectives – Worksheet j) Marketing Your Club Through Traditional and Social Media Checklist One Day Carnival Checklist Seasonal Fixtures Checklist Tournament Checklist

Top 9 Articles

a) Top 9 Tips on Running a Successful AGM b) Top 9 Things to Consider when Thinking of Becoming Club President c) Top 9 Reasons why Attracting Local Media Coverage is so Important for Clubs d) Top 9 Content Creation Tips for Sports Clubs e) Top 9 Ways to get Your Club into the Local Media f) Top 9 Tips on Making Photos Work for your Club g) Top 9 Cash and Asset Protection Tips h) Top 9 Ways to Positively Engage Parents at your Club i) Top 9 Ways to use Traditional Celebrations to Positively Impact your Club j) Top 9 Ways to Ensure the Running of an Effective Event Planning Meeting k) Top 9 Sponsorship Proposals with a Difference l) Top 9 Ways to Recruit a Successful Subcommittee m) Top 9 Important Types of Data to Collect n) Top 9 Formats for ‘Come and Try’ Days o) Top 9 – Ways to make your child’s game day experience more enjoyable p) Top 9 ways to get Members actively involved with your Club q) Top 9 Ways to use Social Media to achieve Club goals

Trade Articles and shareable content

9 websites your club needs to know about Breaking down the barriers – increasing participation from low-income earners at your club Changing the gender imbalance in Australian sports coaching Creating your club’s sponsorship proposal Developing a positive culture at your local club Fast Forward 20 Years – What will be different for Community Sports Clubs Gambling on grassroots sport and why it must be avoided How to run a club merchandise program? – an expert’s view Increasing participation rates in grassroots sport by varying competition format Make your club family-friendly and sign up more families to your club Salary caps – an ethical leadership dilemma for clubs Sports Clubs and Grants The 10 most powerful benefits of being a volunteer Top 5 fundraising ideas for your club What is Instagram and how does your club use it?