n) The Importance of Data to Community Sports Clubs

One of the distinguishing factors of successful local sports clubs is the importance they place on maintaining their data assets: databases, subscription lists, backups and so on.

For the majority of clubs, data and the integrity and maintenance of data, is well down the priority list, if acknowledged at all. And yet nearly all the clubs that we at Sports Community speak to, constantly raise the inability to contact members, gain sponsors, run successful fundraisers or collect payments as key challenges for their clubs.

In our experience, local sports clubs have failed to recognise the relationship between well organised and maintained data and club success. Volunteers can run around and expend huge amounts of effort trying to chase down enough people to attend a club trivia night…

OR, they could achieve a much better result by having an up-to-date database of members, past members and sponsors to whom they can email invites. Invites that look great produced from a library of club images by a club member who is a graphic designer. Data is the key to making it happen.

A data health check for club administrators

Q. Are you able to find out in the click of a few buttons how many players have yet to pay their membership? How many fully paid-up members you have at your club?

Q. Can you produce a contact list for sponsors of the club?

Q. Do you have a breakdown of the ages of your club’s members, their gender and their occupation and any emergency health issues they may have?

Q. Do you have a skills database at your club? That is, do you know how many of your members are Doctors, dentists, tradies, and so on?

Q. Do you have a spreadsheet of past players and members of the club?

Q. Do you have a repository of photos and images?

Q. Do you have a database of suppliers to the club? Caterers, equipment providers, etc.?

Q. Can you name the local government members and contacts in the local government departments that deal with local sports clubs?

Why keep and maintain accurate data?

Having well maintained, accurate data will give your club a distinct advantage in its ability to:

1. Keep all members and potential members informed of club events

2. Attract sponsors

3. Keep membership details and payments up to date

4. Hold successful fundraisers

5. Work with councils, media and government bodies successfully

6. Apply for grants

7. Work with your club’s governing body

In fact, the strength of your club’s communication, marketing and promotion efforts depends on the accuracy of the data your club maintains. We suggest clubs maintain the following databases or data repositories:

– player details

– payment details

– past players contact

– non playing members and supporters contact

– volunteer skills register

– sponsors

– suppliers, contractors

– media contacts

– council and state, federal government contacts

– association or sport governing body contacts

– emergency contacts

– images and competition records

We have the data, how do we manage it?

Sports Community also strongly suggests that your sports club invests in a club administration software tool to allow it to make full use of the power that data provides. There are many tools out in the marketplace; your club’s association or the peak sporting body should be able to advise your club in this area.

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