f) Step 2 – The formal planning process

Step 2 – The formal planning process

The formal planning process is where the all of the information relating to the Club is considered and objectives identified.  Generally the formal planning process is made up of the following 5 steps:

1.    Identifying participants

The most successful planning processes are those that involve a diverse range of stakeholders with different perspectives.  Your Club will need to identify the different groups which need to be represented and then invite the person or people who can best represent this group.

2.    Research and reflection

To ensure a great planning meeting ask participants to look over club documents such as the club rules, previous strategic plans and annual reports.  Two resources that may also help include:

The Sports Community Strategic Planning Template – http://sportscommunity.com.au/resources/b-strategic-planning-template/

The Sport Community Culture Audit Checklist http://sportscommunity.com.au/resources/a-culture-audit/

3.    Planning meeting to defining objectives

Your club will need to consider an appropriate location for the meeting, who will undertake which roles in the meeting (chairperson, facilitator and minute taker), the Meeting agenda, rules and decision making process.  See our page on ‘The planning session’ for more information.


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