f) How to create value for Sponsors from your club’s assets

Creating Events that Showcase Your Sponsors

When looking to create value for Sponsors, a great idea is to create events and activities that promote your sponsor’s products and services. This is an incredibly valuable opportunity for potential sponsors as it gives them an opportunity to not only sell their products directly to your audience but also build relationships with potential future customers.

These could be in the form of stand-alone events.  For example if the local cinema was a club sponsor, your club could hold a social function movie night at their cinema.  This would showcase their business while also allowing them to build relationships with your club’s members.

Alternatively, the activity could be part of a larger club event.  For example if your club was sponsored by a children’s entertainer, during your club’s registration day they could come down and perform for the children.  This would build rapport with the families and showcase to people who may potentially want to make a booking.

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Commission-based, Affiliate or Referral based Programs

These type of programs are set up between clubs and businesses to provide a win-win arrangement. Generally the business will offer a discount to your club’s audience as well as a percentage of sales to be donated back to the club. In return your club promotes the business and encourages members and the club’s wider audience to use them.

This structure is potentially very positive for your audience as they receive a discount, potentially great for the club as they generate sponsorship income and great for the business as they gain more customers by this referral.

The main downfall of this kind of arrangement is that if the club doesn’t effectively promote the program and in turn create sales for the sponsor, the club will receive no income from the program.

It is important for clubs to plan how they are going to ensure the program stays at the top of their audience’s mind.

Creating Value for Sponsors from Websites, Email Newsletters and Social Media

Club websites, email newsletters and social media pages are all incredibly powerful assets when considering the value your club can offer to potential and current sponsors. They are also incredibly important mediums for communication your sponsors message and call to action.

Club Websites

The websites of many local sports clubs have absolutely massive audiences and most clubs don’t even know it. Clubs have a huge amount of information that their audience is constantly seeking, driving them to the clubs website time and time again, especially during the season

Visitors to your club’s website are there to find our specific information about your club. They are rarely on your website seeking information about club sponsors and what they have to offer. Therefore if your website visitors are going to stop what they are doing and go to a sponsor’s website we have to give them a really good reason to do so.  The advertisement must capture the reader’s attention and call the visitor to action, for example “click here for a free trial”.

Email Newsletter

Many clubs have, or are starting to introduce email newsletters for a very good reason. Email newsletters are an extraordinarily easy way to build or maintain relationships with your club’s audience and people who want to engage with your club.

The very high readership of club email newsletters makes it a great way to promote club sponsors. As with your club’s website it is important to make the advertisement a call to action rather than a static logo.

Social Media

As with your club’s website and email newsletter, your club’s social media is another fantastic way to promote your sponsors. Similarly to your club’s website and email newsletter you are able to use the analytics of popular applications such as Twitter and Facebook to measure the ‘click through rates’ from your social media to your sponsor’s website or social media.

The same “call to action” rules apply in social media as they do for your website and email newsletter.

Measuring Your Impact

One of the brilliant benefits of using digital and social media is that you can clearly identify the traffic you are providing to the sponsor. Whether it be from your club website, your email newsletters or your social media you can easily measure the traffic being generated to the sponsor by looking at the underlying analytics.


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