Security Coverage

Often the security needs for a club and their special events becomes a second thought. It is essential that each event that you plan for has the required amount of security coverage for the attending crowd.

The risks involved are substantial, for the club and for individuals that try to fill the gaps on security needs. It is no need for panic, but there is a need for your club to understand the requirements of crowd interaction and ensure you are acting with due diligence.

Security numbers are generally calculated on 2 for the initial 100 patrons and then 1 per 100 patrons thereafter, but working out the required security levels needs to take into account the event, the presence of alcohol, type of music and age & mix of the crowd. These elements are essential to consider whether the event is low risk thru to high risk.

When you have decided on your event plans, it is worthwhile talking with a security company to help formulate a security plan, taking time to speak with the local police and inform them of your event and walk through your security plan will ensure that police are aware of the plan and can assist if needed on the day of the event. Police are more likely to be able to respond if there is no surprise about the event and they can prepare.

There are a few things you need to account for when dealing with security firms. Here are some tips on the crowd control market.

All security firms must hold a Master Security Licence – the details for this licence will be available on your state police registry online. It will contain all the relevant information for the security company. When engaging a security company be sure to clarify with the company that they hold this licence. It is illegal to carryout security work without it.

Each security guard will hold their own security licence, there are variations (ie crowd controller, bodyguard, guard ect) Variations will also include RSA. All security should be 1st aid trained. For your event be sure to check that the security assigned to your event has the correct licence and that 1st aid is upto date.

At each event the details of your liquor licence will have a venue capacity. Security must keep track of the number of people in the assigned area and also keep a crowd control registry which contains the details of incidents and the security officers details.

Insurance – it is critical that if there is an incident at your event that your club is covered. When you engage security staff, you have obligations and legalities to consider. As these protocols of master licence, personal licence and crowd control registry are binding you can be held to account for them in a civil manner. Some security firms will employ sub contract workers. Be sure to ask to see that the guards issued are covered under the Master licence insurance details.

We have heard of a local cricket club that employed ‘mates’ to the club who held a personal security licence for an event. The event got out of hand, they had no crowd control registry and subsequently were liable for damages and charges breaching security control protocol.

The guys had no master licence to carry out the security work and were not insured. They were then personally liable for the damages from the poor security organisation and faced charges. It is perhaps viewed by some as an unlikely risk, each club will make their own choice. Understand the consequences and your obligations with these whatifs.

It is wise to try and utilise local security for your local event. Check on security and council regulations for your event, security requirements. Security coverage for a crowd is essential and must be planned for accordingly.

Pre-event discussions with police are a worthwhile procedure. Organise a meeting with your local police and give them the event plan and site map. This discussion will help your club to identify further risks and ensures the local police are aware of the event and the particulars of it. With less surprises and greater awareness the club, is in a better position to minimise the risks involved.


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