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How to set your club up for success in 2021

Begins June 23rd

Step by step to thriving in a COVID world

23rd June 2021

Making it easy to be a successul president

Begins July 14th

Leading a successful sports club takes hard work, time and dedication but we’re here to help you make the role as easy as possible for you in the incredibly fulfilling role.

14th July 2021

Making it easy to be a successful secretary and committee member

Begins August 3rd

Your ‘one-stop-shop' for all the tips, tricks and best-in-class information on your role.

03rd August 2021

How to Set Up Your Club for Success

Begins August 4th

How to not only overcome the challenges 2021 has brought, but to also set up your club for a successful future.

04th August 2021

Professional Development Training

For Peak Sporting Bodies and Local Council

This nine-part webinar series gives you, staff and colleagues the information to support your community clubs and volunteers.

19th August 2021

Making it easy to be a successful treasurer

Begins August 24th

We’re here to help you to become the best club Treasurer possible

24th August 2021