A Strategic Plan

How to do an awesome Strategic Plan for your club when everyone is socially isolated

Time: 13:30:00 - 14:30:00

Venue: Online

Cost: FREE

A Strategic Plan

The need to stop sport temporarily gives clubs the perfect opportunity to undertake a level of planning and thinking that they have NEVER had before.  Sport won’t stop forever and it is the clubs that have used the break productively and effectively that will set themselves up for years to come.

Just because sport has stopped, our club members haven’t.  They are still willing and able to help the club achieve its goals and now many club people have the time to help like they have never been able to before.  

This one hour webinar will take you through step by step the process we use to create club strategic plans. We have adjusted our very successful methodology to overcome the challenges of social isolation.

By following the very simple steps in this webinar, this will allow you not only to clearly define the goals of your club, but show you how you can effectively engage all your supporters, members and stakeholders in the process.

Not only will people feel like they have had a great opportunity to contribute to the future direction of your club, but they will be motivated and willing to contribute straight away!

This webinar will show you how to set the goals of your club and educate you on how you can get your members, players, supporters and broader club community to be working on them right now.

Attendees to this session will also get a number of checklists and templates which can be used as you create your clubs strategic plans and goals.

Undertaking strategic plans is normally the work of consultants like Sports Community but after completing this webinar you will easily be able to create a strategic plan for your club and better still get people working straight on achieving your club goals.  After all, many of us will be looking for worthwhile projects to complete while we are in social lock down. 



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